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Nauraille™ Phyto Corrective Soothing Fluid

Nauraille™ Phyto Corrective Soothing Fluid

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Nauraille™ Phyto Corrective Soothing Fluid

Helps you get perfect skin in 14 days

With a formulation specifies, the Phyto Corrective Associates natural extracts for the purpose of giving a fresh skin and a healthy appearance:

  • Cucumber extract - anti-inflammatory action that reduces redness and prepares the skin for rejuvenation post-treatment;
  • Extract of Thyme - anti-bacterial action, ideal for the skin acneica;
  • Olive extract - soothing, calms irritated skin;
  • Hyaluronic Acid - moisturizing effect, making this oil-free formulation, excellent for acne prone skin
  • Mulberry Extract – helps decreasing the appearance of brown spots and promote a fair complexion;

Please note Phyto Corrective Gel appears as Phyto Corrective and may differ slightly in ingredients and color depending on your location.

    The oil-free and paraben-free formula also has a hyaluronic acid base for optimal hydration. Because it is so gentle, this product makes an excellent moisturizing treatment for those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.


    “Because increased pigmentation can develop more over time due to increased sun exposure, dark spots and other clarity compromising conditions can begin forming beneath the surface layer of the skin long before becoming visible to the naked eye. One effective way to address these concerns is with products that are active upon application and deliver preventative benefits.”-Nauraille Global Consulting Dermatologist, Dr. Meghan O’Brien

    Highlights of Nauraille™ Phyto Corrective Soothing Fluid:

    • Help reveal younger-looking skin
    • Improve skin's clarity and radiance
    • Helps defend against the damage that can cause future spot
    • Amplifies skin's natural luminosity
    • reduce the look of dark & sun spots, acne marks, dullness and redness.
    • Improves skin barrier health
    • It will help you have smooth, soft and flawless skin.
    • With intensive skin-toning actives found.
    • Corrects uneven pigment and discoloration.
    • Naturally enhance your skin’s beauty and radiance.
    • Reduce hyper-pigmentation, fade age spots and reveal a smoother


     How to apply

    It is gonna be a goodbye to your skin imperfection if you use our Nauraille™ Phyto Corrective Soothing Fluid. Check our customers reviews with our product.

    “I've got some splotchy sun spots on my face I've been ignoring for a couple years now. I thought I'd give this a try and there was noticeable fading in 2 days. This stuff works quick and with as little as I have to put on my spots, this tube will last me the rest of my life. I've been at it a week and can barely see the spot. I'm pasty white, so the spots on my face really stood out. The lotion is kind of thin and watery, so it soaks in quick and doesn't leave a greasy feel. I love it.”— Madison Harkleroad, 31, Richmond, Virginia


    “I’ve been using this product for 2 weeks and the difference already is amazing! I can see my dark spots fading already. I’ve had these dark spots since high school and I’ve been searching for a product that actually works for what seems like forever. Persistence is key! You need to use this product for a long time before seeing results, but it smells great, works well and there comes a good amount. After a few months I noticed my hyperpigmentation scars got way lighter”— Valentina Jackson, 40, Los Angeles, California



    Aaliyah’s 7 days experience with the SkinSpot WhiteningFreckle Cream:


    Day 1

    "I have a lot of dark spots on my skin from practicing cheerleading on the court so much, but I've already seen some improvement in my dark spots, just a little fading, but already positive results in just one day of using this Phyto Corrective Soothing Fluid. I have a hyperpigmentation on my elbow and I wish it would fade it more."

    Day 5

    "It's been 5 days since I used this Phyto Corrective Soothing Fluid and I use it twice a day! My dark spot has improved a lot and it is much lighter than what I had on day 3! I had hyperpigmentation on my elbows and it reduced its color in just 5 days."

    Day 7

    "This Phyto Corrective Soothing Fluid really worked in just 7 days of use! Using it for 7 days straight really helped get rid of all the dark spots on my skin! It's amazing!" . Amazing! In just 7 days of using this Phyto Corrective Soothing Fluid, the hyperpigmentation on my elbows was eliminated! I was really shocked and all I can say is, "Thank you for this product!" .

    Carmela's 14 days Skin-Cell Revival Report:

    DAY 1

    “I’m 28 years old and acnes are already starting to show. Despite leading an active lifestyle as a soccer coach, my age has started to catch up to me. After 1 day of using this, I’ve noticed my acnes beginning to fade away.”

    DAY 7

     “After using this around twice a day for 7 days, I can see signs of improvement. My skin has become so hydrated! My acne spots & redness have mostly disappeared."

    DAY 14

    “Who knew I’d look fresh with Nauraille™ Phyto Corrective Soothing Fluid! My skin is so plump and bright. My acne has disappeared alongside my wrinkles! I’m so happy I get to do my job as a coach and still look young and healthy by just using this applicator! This is amazing!”

    Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. It causes whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. Acne is most common among teenagers, though it affects people of all ages.


      Product Specifications

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Makinwa Adewura
    I am really impressed with this amazing stuff!!!

    I've been using it for about 12 days now and I've noticed a big difference. Not only does it help with discoloration/scarring, but it also makes your face incredibly soft and even gives you a glow. It also tightens your pores! I recommend this cleanser for any skin type! It will make your skin look better and you won't regret it.

    MMilton Hill

    I have used many products with no effect. One day a friend recommended Nauraille™ Phyto Corrective Soothing Fluid and I felt the results the first day I used it. 14 days later my acne was completely gone!

    Mia Roberts
    Helps calm my reactive skin

    This product has been very helpful in calming my reactive skin. I usually avoid fragrances in my skincare line, but this product came highly recommended so I tried it and so far it has worked great.

    Robert Ellis

    Can't live without this! Makes such a difference with my redness. I use 2 drops every morning right on my cheeks!

    Lola Ward
    Fantastic effect!

    The teenage years are hard enough without having to go through the emotional distress that comes with severe acne. Fortunately, I was given this product and after 12 days of use, the signs of acne were completely gone.

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