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DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask

DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask

✅ Cruelty Free ✅ Eco-Friendly

✅ Clinically Proven ✅ Professional Physician Recommendations

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Before introducing this product, let's take a look at the satisfaction of our customers.

Congrats on their successes! 

"I suffer from severe arthritis and varicose veins, which make me feel pain and very uncomfortable even unable to fall asleep whole night. My regular doctor recommended DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask. It is very useful and easy to use just to put it on feet. Use it every day, my feet are very hot, my meridians are opened, my body is very warm, no pain, and I feel very relaxed. After using it for 2 weeks, I saw obvious changes. Mine, varicose veins disappeared, some accumulated fat masses and swollen lymph nodes also disappeared! My body is healthier and lighter than ever before."

- Azita Crowley ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I’m an obesity sufferer. Being obese not only affects my health but also my life. In summer, my body always has a bad smell of sweat, and I never find my size when buying clothes. I lost dozens of job opportunities and even my love broke up with me for that. Physically I also had high blood pressure and diabetes. All of this caused me immense pain. I was determined to change myself! I came across this DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask by chance, and I ordered and used it with the intention of trying it out. On the same night I used it, my insomnia improved. I have been using it for 4 weeks and now my body is slowly starting to recover and I don't have serious body odor anymore. I finally managed to get rid of my weight. Thank you!”

- Jaime Hisker ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Scientifically proven ingredients

Dead Sea Salt vs Epsom Salt: Helps relieve and eliminate pain. Key in soothing muscles and helping recovery from sports injuries, joint swelling and pain.

Borneol:Natural herb , remove toxins from the body and increases blood circulation.

Black pepper: Stimulates the liver to secrete bile, which plays a vital role in the digestion and absorption of fat.

CajepuT: It has a stimulating effect that clears the mind, awakens the lazy state, and promotes perspiration, antibacterial, and analgesia.
Horsetail Extract: A natural diuretic from the common horsetail plant that helps to flush out excess fluid and alleviate temporary water weight gain.
Tea Tree:Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, improve menstrual pain, irregular menstruation and genital infections, and accelerate the elimination of toxins.
Gymnema Sylvestre: An Ayurvedic herb that helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and supports healthy cortisol levels.

And A variety of plant-derived ingredients

Add 2 additional effective ingredients:

  1. Ginger
  2. L-Arginine


Ginger contains powerful compounds called gingerols, shoals, and gingerdiones which are rich with antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help stimulate the body's natural cleansing and detoxifying process by eliminating waste and toxins. 


L- Arginine contains an organic compound called amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins that are essential for a variety of bodily processes and functions, including blood flow circulation, reducing swelling and flushing out toxins hidden in fat and bones. Our lymph system consists of lymph nodes that appear as lumps under the skin when the body is fighting infection brought on by germs such as bacteria and viruses. L- Arginine is clinically proven to absorb deeply in your body and open your lymphatic system, remove congestion and create healthy detoxification pathways to lighten your toxic and waste load accumulated in your lymphatic drainage. 

The endocrine system is a very important detoxification pathways for the human body.That is why we created DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask- it contains ginger and L-Arginine with more than ten kinds of plant-derived ingredients, which are packed with natural properties that aids in reducing inflammation and eliminating toxins, help break down fat cellsreduce body weight and boost metabolism

Kary is an expert on the human circulatory. She has published several articles on human detoxification in prestigious journals, and has been honored as a tenured faculty member at Los Angeles State Medical School.

   "DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask are made from natural herbs and herbal extracts. Supports the body's natural way of removing toxins through activated sweat glands. It can be used for 3 to 4 weeks to achieve a body contouring effect. I recommend this product not only because it's effective, but also because it's healthy."---Kary
Why does our body need to detoxify?

The modern lifestyle exposes us to an enormous amount of toxins and stress that accumulates inside our body everyday. It becomes overloaded and builds up in the liver  , urinary and digestive system. This leads to weight gain, hormone imbalances, and loss of energy. Toxins build up causes gas, bloating, heartburn, constipation/diarrhea, and inflammation. All of these contribute to cause pain and swelling in various areas of the body as wellThat’s why it’s vital to undergo regular detoxes to make sure your body can function at its best and help prevent disease. 

The Key Solution to remove body impurities: DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask
The feet are considered the "second heart" of our body and are home to many of our body's acupuncture points. They help circulate blood and lymph back into our bodies. The 38 active ingredients in these DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask help eliminate toxins from the body from the feet.

 Let’s take a look at Joanna’s 4-week journey using DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask


As a person, I am lazy and this is because I now have enough energy to last the day, so I mostly always keep myself by doing less. This has caused me to gain weight and be happy with the way I live. My body was also always sore and achy and I wasn't happy about that. I found these products and decided to give them a try. When I started using the Slimming and Detox Foot Mask, I was immediately addicted. It is a therapy and a meditation process. It gives me time to appreciate my body as it is constantly detoxifying as well. I became more active and vital.

As I continue to make progress, my body has changed dramatically. I feel healthier. I've lost 46 pounds. My doctor says my blood flow is active and normal compared to when I was not using these Foot Masks. I love myself more because of these Slimming and Detox Foot Masks. I have more energy to do more things and am happier because of the satisfaction I feel all the time. I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from obesity, it will surely cure us all!

Packing list:
  • 1 pack (7 days) x DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask
  • 2 pack (14 days) x DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask
  • 5 pack (35 days) x DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask
  • 10 pack (70 days) x DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask
  • 15 pack (105 days) x DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask

The use of 28 pack (28 days) x DETOXSLIM™ Slimming and Detox Foot Mask has been shown to:

  • Reduces chronic inflammation
  • Improves skin and reduces weight
  • Enhance liver detoxification function
  • Strengthen blood circulation system
  • Improves metabolism and balances endocrine secretion
  • Addresses back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Reduces cravings for sugar and other inflammatory foods
  • Have more energy and vitality

Safe and Effective


Buy 14 or more packs of DETOXSLIM™ Slimming & Detox Foot Mask and receive a free pair of massage socks valued at $15.99.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Recommend this product!!

I have tried many weight loss products, but none of them solved my problem. Until my doctor friend recommended this slimming foot mask to me. At first I bought a 4-week course. 4 days later I received the goods, perfectly packaged and I was given a pair of massage socks. The first day I used it, I felt my fat burning again! Recommend this product

Melanie Huffer

I'm here to provide an unbiased critique of the merchandise. Overall, it certainly works well. Thanks to it, I can slim my waist very quickly. Since I've been working in an office, I now have less free time, so I don't have as much time to exercise. I have been using this foot mask for 2 weeks now and I have noticed a big difference. It greatly helps me to burn the fat around my waist or thighs. It's important for weight loss.

William Gomez
It works great

This is the best item I have ever bought. It works great.

Fred Harmon
The customer service responded quickly!

When you don't know how to use, contact them, they can reply quickly. They provide 7/24 hours service. The brand has brick-and-mortar stores in Los Angeles, but they only offer online sales right now, with great deals right now.

Bobbie Marr
No side effects

Wow! It's only been a month. The results are so good that I can't believe it. Not only did it reduce my weight, but it also made my body healthier. And it has absolutely no side effects. This is great!

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